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Board of Directors

  • Chair: Jonathan Alvares (until April), Brandon Strawn (starting May)
  • Vice Chair: Aimee Faller
  • Treasurer: George Matthews (until April), TG Warford (starting May)
  • Secretary: Eric Rosecrants (until April), Greer Anderson (starting May)
  • Development: Logan Henderson
  • Member Resources: Emily Dodd
  • Public Relations: Abdo Timejardine-Zomeño
  • Operations: Jon Dulaney (until October), Adrienne Price (starting in October)
  • Marketing: Jordan Francisco
  • Members At-Large:
    • Adrienne Price (starting May, until October)
    • Alex Tsaparis
    • Ashley Whitaker
    • Brandon Strawn (until May)
    • Greg Marquis (until May)
    • Jamie Schoffstall
    • Jon Dulaney (starting October)
    • Kaitlyn Nelson (starting December)
    • Logan Henderson (until May)
    • Michael Connors
    • Saraa Koga
    • TG Warford (until May)
    • Wendy Liu

Artistic Directiors

AD = Artistic Director | AAD = Assistant Artistic Director

  • Marching Band: Stephen Carey (AD), Travis Cuckler (AAD)
  • Symphonic Band: Kyle Rhoades (AD), Jackie Fischer (AAD)
  • Jazz Orchestra: Scott Malinowski (AD), Danny Kent (AAD), Kaitlyn Nelson (AAD, until November)
  • Pops Ensemble: Manic Maxxie (AD), Inga Augustaitis (AAD)

Events and Performances

  • August 12, 2023 - Marching Band performs in the Bud Billiken Parade for the first time.


  • 2023-2024 Leadership