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Updated March 21, 2022

Given the changing mandates across the city, the board has re-assessed our policies and has the following updates:

  • Contract Tracing: We are no longer going to require members to fill out the contract tracing form prior to rehearsals. We have only had a few confirmed cases this season and our operating procedure is to inform the entire membership when these instances occur. Given such, the contract tracing step is a bit redundant. If you have been to a rehearsal and test positive for COVID, please continue to report to

  • Masking & PPE: For concert cycles beginning on or after February 28th, we will align with performance/practice venues regarding masking and PPE. Artistic Directors will keep members informed of the current guidelines and if there are any changes. We will continue to require masking and PPE for the Symphonic Band through their April 9th concert.

  • Vaccination Requirement: Our current mandate will remain in effect through at least the end of our fiscal year (August 31). The board will reassess the mandate at our August board meeting and let the membership know if there are any changes: At a minimum all members must have both shots of Moderna/Pfizer and/or the single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Given the decreasing effectiveness of vaccines over time, members will be required to share booster status in accordance with the following IDPH guidelines. All members will be required to resubmit their vaccination cards at their first in-person rehearsal prior to participation. Members who have had the initial vaccination series but who are not yet eligible for the booster are considered fully vaccinated. When you become eligible for the booster, you will have a 2 week grace period to obtain the vaccine to remain in compliance with Lakeside Pride’s vaccine policy.

  • Quarantine requirement: We align with the updated CDC guidance. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 must refrain from any Lakeside Pride activity for a minimum of 5 days, and follow CDC recommendations for returning to in-person activities. Any ensembles who have member(s) in attendance who tested positive for COVID and were at a rehearsal will be required to postpone rehearsals for 5 days. Given the rehearsal cadence of our ensembles, we anticipate this will have limited impact on rehearsal schedules.  

We will continue to closely monitor positivity rates across Chicago, as well as guidance from federal and local officials. Our hope is the city will return to something that more closely resembles normal, but as we’ve all seen, this pandemic is unpredictable and requires us to be nimble and creative. We’re eager to start making music together again and hope to see many of you soon!

Thank you all again for your patience and flexibility!