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Updated December 16, 2022

The Board has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 numbers and other viral trends in Chicago to determine when we deem it appropriate to lift some of the mandates placed on in-person rehearsals. Given the steadily low number of new Covid cases and hospitalizations, we are allowing Artistic Directors to return to normal rehearsal protocol.  As we return from the holiday break, all ensembles and members will be subject to the requirements below, which align with current local and national guidelines:

  • Self Reporting: If you test positive for COVID-19, please let us know at info@lakesidepride.orgA positive case will no longer kick off a mandatory quarantine period for the ensemble, but leadership will continue to notify affected ensembles so other members can test and isolate as they see fit.

  • Masking & PPE: For all performing groups moving forward, masking and bell covers are no longer required.  If a performance venue requires stricter protocol, we will defer to their restrictions for rehearsals/performances only.  If you wish to continue to mask, you are more than welcome to do so.

  • Vaccination Requirement: The vaccine mandate has been lifted for Lakeside Pride members.  Our members have been doing a fantastic job of getting their shots and boosters, and Lakeside Pride highly encourages everyone to continue to do so.  If you need assistance finding a vaccination site, call your local doctor or pharmacy, or check for more information.

  • Testing:  We encourage all members to test prior to in-person activities, if feasible.  Eight tests per month are still being covered for free under commercial health plans through April 2023, and other low cost options can be found here.

  • Play at your own risk:  Ultimately, as COVID has regrettably become an every day part of life for us, we are moving into the type of protocol we would have with any other highly communicable disease.  Play at your own risk, don’t come to band sick, and stay home until you’re feeling better.

Even as we are all experiencing long-term fatigue from the pandemic and ready to move on, we will continue to closely monitor positivity rates across Chicago as well as guidance from federal and local officials, and make informed decisions based on available data.  If the numbers spike again, Lakeside Pride will re-evaluate current masking, testing, and vaccine guidelines and amend them as needed to keep our members as safe as possible.

Thank you all again for your patience and flexibility!