Pops Ensemble: “What A Wonderful World”

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Starry night with a full moon over a river with a dark forest on either side, text on left side saying Lakeside Pride Pops Ensemble "What A Wonderful World"

The Lakeside Pride Pops Ensemble starts off the new year with our winter concert: What A Wonderful World. Join us on a journey as we marvel at the beauty of our planet. Take a dive Under the Sea to witness the vast diversity of marine life. We’ll travel back in time to the Jurassic period *raawr* and stop along the way to admire Yukiko Nishimura’s Ancient Flower. Guest drag queen Ari Gato will bring Peter and the Wolf to life with some special guests from the Lakeside Pride community. Come to the South Shore Cultural Center to see what else makes a wonderful world!

Pops Ensemble: “Still I Rise”

Jordan FranciscoPops Ensemble

Background of a dark blue and white watercolor of ocean waves with the Lakeside Pride Pops Ensemble logo, "Still I Rise," and the Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles logo

The Lakeside Pride Pops Ensemble’s final concert of the season draws inspiration from one of Maya Angelou’s most famous poems and the perseverance it expresses. Join us on June 3rd at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School to see who else reminds us why we still rise.

Pops Ensemble: “Look Up!”

Jordan FranciscoPops Ensemble

Lakeside Pride Pops Ensemble: Look Up! Cover Photo. Air Blimp and floating house attached to a bunch of balloons, both floating in the sky

The Lakeside Pride Pops Ensemble closes our 25th season with one more silver lining – that the pandemic has taught us the valuable lesson that No One is Alone.