Lakeside Pride Community Impact Report 2023

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Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles's Community Impact Report 2023 features images of the organization a jazz orchestra concert, marching band, symphonic band, and more.

Lakeside Pride has brought joyous music to audiences across Chicago for over 25 years. But our work goes beyond performance halls – it’s ingrained in each connection with our members that help us improve the LGBTQ and Allied community. 

We’re thrilled to present our first Community Impact Report, sharing with the world what makes our organization dynamic, resilient, and empowering. Learn more about how Lakeside Pride is leading the sound of progress by reading our report.

Highlights From Our Report

  • Actively recruited members from all neighborhoods across Chicago, particularly focusing on disinvested communities, to develop and elevate racial/ethnic and gender-diverse leaders.
  • This year, we have one of our most diverse leadership teams in our 25 year history, including our first BIPOC Board Chair. Our membership steadily enhances to reflect the diversity of our city.
  • We remained resilient through the pandemic by following health guidelines and keeping our members safe.
  • We have provided spaces for our members through our affinity groups. Groups such as our BIPOC, HIV+, and Bi- | Pan- | Trans- | Genderqueer people, and more.


Community Impact Report 2023