Donate an Instrument

We strive to be an equitable, inclusive community of musicians from all backgrounds and skill levels. However, many musicians have parted ways with their instrument or don't have access to one. We would love to rekindle their relationship with music performance, but are unable to spend potentially thousands of dollars to do so.

If you have a musical instrument collecting dust in storage, that instrument could help to bring a tubist or bassoonist or other musician into the Lakeside Pride family. Making a tax-deductible donation of your playable instrument will help Lakeside Pride reduce barriers to access and become a more equitable, inclusive organization.

If you’re ready to make arrangements to put your instrument to work in the service of Chicago’s LGBTQ and ally community, let’s get in touch!
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Lakeside Pride is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
Donations to Lakeside Pride are tax deductible.