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Wilde Cabaret’s “Out of the Ashes”

Lakeside Pride Wilde Cabaret at Sidetrack promotional graphic

The Lakeside Pride Wilde Cabaret returns to live performances at Sidetrack on Saturday, September 11th, 2021. This date marks the 20th anniversary of the devastating attack that destroyed the Twin Towers, cost thousands their lives, and has been burned into our national consciousness. As our first performance since the start of the pandemic, we also look forward with hope and relief as our city, state, country and the world continue to recover and return to some sense of normalcy. The members of the Wilde Cabaret will be performing music to honor the thousands of lives lost in both of these tragic events, as well as songs about perseverance, renewal and hope in the midst of the chaos that has reigned since early 2020.

Is an all-gender restroom available? Yes
Is the location ADA-accessible? Yes
Is there a flat path from the street to the rehearsal or performance space? Yes
Will there be strobe lights or lasers? No
Will there be smoke machines? No
Will there be percussion beyond what one would typically expect for this type of event? (E.g. will there be pyrotechnics?) No


Sep 11 2021


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


3349 N Halsted St


Christy Zurcher