Our Mission and Core Values are a reflection of the community organization we aspire to be. They are the foundation for every decision we make.

Our Mission

To empower an affirming LGBTQ and ally community by engaging audiences and inspiring change through music.

Our Core Values

The members of Lakeside Pride believe the following principles represent the diverse culture and values of the organization. Whenever members of the organization, artistic leadership team, or the Board of Directors take action or make decisions, such actions must not be contrary to these goals and values:

We value and actively promote:

  1. A member-centered philosophy. Lakeside Pride was founded as a member-centered organization and continues to maintain this tradition.
  2. Diversity at all levels. Lakeside Pride is committed to diversity within the organization’s membership, leadership, audience, and supporters with respect to age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, size, physical ability, economic status, geographic location, and transportation.
  3. Member involvement in all aspects of the organization. Lakeside Pride is more than a group of artistic ensembles; members make it happen by being involved in concert production, fund-raising, committees, and other volunteer roles.
  4. Member participation in decision-making. Lakeside Pride actively encourages members to provide input through attendance at board meetings, committee work, season evaluations, a website suggestion box, and other types of direct involvement.
  5. Accommodation of a range of musical abilities. Lakeside Pride, through its variety of musical ensembles, affords performance opportunities to musicians having different levels of playing abilities.
  6. Financial accessibility for members, audience, and supporters. Lakeside Pride offers affordable concert admission, a variety of fund-raising options (and no tiered fund-raising events), and low participation fees and uniform costs.
  7. Accommodation for different physical abilities. Upon request, Lakeside Pride will provide sign language interpreters, hold rehearsals and concerts in wheelchair-accessible locations, and provide large-print music and programs.
  8. Development of leadership opportunities for members. Lakeside Pride encourages members to pursue leadership opportunities (including such positions as board member, conductor, committee chair, or section leader) and provides guidance and other assistance as needed or requested.
  9. Open communication. Lakeside Pride fosters open communication and dialogue between all ensembles, board members, conductors, and other members.
  10. Respect. Lakeside Pride recognizes the importance of treating everyone with respect in all types of communication.
  11. External community input and leadership. Lakeside Pride appreciates and solicits feedback from the general community while identifying and cultivating potential leaders for the organization.

Download the Lakeside Pride Core Values.